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Meghna Patel, Who Posed Supporting Modi, Is Shakti Kapoor's Lover

Written by: Fish Bert Rodriguez

It is revealed and this can be explosive- Meghna Patel, who posed naked and asked to vote for Narendra Modi, the PM candidate of BJP is the girl friend of Shakti Kapoor who is a huge congress supporter.

Meghna Patel created a furor in the country by posing without clothes with a placard seeking vote for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Meghna, a star famous for Chandrakanta series was seen holding up a picture that urges to support Narendra Modi, in her latest photo shoot.

Meghna, who appeared as nude in the photo shoot, is Shakti Kapoor's girl friend. Shakti Kapoor is a staunch Congress supporter and even praised Sonia Gandhi back in 2004. He hit out strong against the one who raised the issue of Mrs Gandhi's foreign origins at that point in time. He said, " Those people should be ashamed for saying that. Soniaji is a 'bahu' and very much part of India.". He also had a 30 minutes meeting with Sonia Gandhi before saying this statement.

So it is really fishy when his girl friend herself poses for Modi and supports BJP.

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Meghna Patel, Who Posed For Supporting Modi, Is Shakti Kapoor's Lover

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