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Sanjay Dutt Talks About Drug Addiction & How It Almost Killed Him

Bollywood's one of the most controversial actor Sanjay Dutt has been in news for many reasons, mostly for the wrong ones.

While, Sanjay Dutt is currently serving his jail term, the actor revealed some aspects of the dark phase of his life due to his erstwhile addiction to drugs.

In an interview with a TV anchor, Sanju baba talked about his addiction to drugs, how it caused him almost death and how he eventually dragged himself out of the fatal addiction.

Sanjay Dutt revealed that he first tried drugs during his college days and then the addiction kept him captured for long nine years. "Someone asked me to try it once, I tried it and remained with me for the next nine years of my life. I always used to be in my own world. From heroine to cocaine, I tried everything that was there in the books. I used to sniff and take pills. In the last year before my treatment started, I even used to inject drugs into my body," said the 'Munna Bhai'.

While, narrating the tale of his life's darkest part, Sanjay Dutt shared his experience when he almost went dead for two days. "One day I had taken heroine and went to sleep. Woke up after sometime and was feeling very hungry. So asked my servant to get me something to eat. Seeing me he started crying and said that 'baba you have woken up after two days'.

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Sanjay Dutt

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