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Did Rolling Stone India Magazine Make The Right Choice By Featuring Farhan Akhtar On Its Cover Page?

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Farhan Akhtar, the poster boy of 'Bollywood rock' is featured on the cover page of the iconic Rolling Stone India magazine for the March 2016 issue. But has Rolling Stone Magazine made the right decision by featuring an actor with mediocre singing talent to brace its prestigious cover page?

Well, business wise Rolling Stone's decision is absolutely right. A star like Farhan Akhtar has the capacity to sell the magazines as his image would reach far and wide. He's also the new poster boy of rock music in Bollywood who plays rock songs in his movies, Rock On and upcoming movie Rock On 2.

Farhan Akhtar Rolling Stone India Magazine Cover Page

However, an iconic music magazine which celebrated 'real and good rock musicians' all these years, has suddenly picked a 'rock artist' who has little knowledge about what really rock music is! Of course, his band Farhan Live performs well in front of an audience, his movie Rock On was a superhit, but does that really qualify him to be featured on the cover page of Rolling Stone India?

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Well the truth is, Farhan Akhtar is an amazing man, a good father and a person with good acting skills, but his singing talent is as average as a young boy learning to play the guitar with the easiest available lyrics. The vocal style is weak, lacks grip and feels like a duck singing on stage.

However, we're not against Farhan Akhtar the musician, not against Rolling Stone India and not against Rock On 2, but we're against things that are mediocre being polished just to make it look good in the name of rock, or let's say Indie Rock.

Looking at the current scenario, days are not far when iconic music magazines would start featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan on their cover pages just because 'they know how to play a guitar', and of course sell more copies in the process.

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