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Hrithik Roshan PROPOSED To Kangana Ranaut, Reveals Her Close Friend!

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Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut are presenting two different stories, former says that they never even socialized, while the latter claims of having a relationship. So who is telling the truth?

While things could not get any uglier through all the allegations the two have made on each other in the legal notices, Hrithik's allegation of Kangana having Asperger's Syndrome was definitely downright dirty.

Hrithik Roshan PROPOSED To Kangana Ranaut, Reveals Her Close Friend!

Everybody was in shock to see our top A-list actor do such a cheap thing, but Kangana's close friend reveals why the actor made such an accusation!

But before that, let us tell you what the Asperger's  Syndrome is. AS is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

Kangana's friend revealed to Mumbai Mirror that, Reema Kagti had offered the actress a film, Mr. Challu, where her character suffersfrom Asperger's Syndrome that prevents her from lying.

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The friend said, "Hrithik visited her that night and she told himabout Reema's script(Mr. Challu). He responded by pointing out that she also had the same problem and couldn't lie about their relationship. After that he often provoked her by mentioning the syndrome, even bringing it up in the notice, despite knowing that it is not a bipolar, medical condition and only reflects a rare straightforwardness."

But the most shocking revelation the friend made is that Hrithik Roshan allegedly proposed the Queen actress way back in 2014. The friend confirmed that the two were dating and in a relationship and things did get serious which made the actor even propose Kangana.

All this information that Kangana's friend has revealed is definitely shocking and her revelation will put a deep dent into Hrithik's case, where he is alleging Kangana for spreading fake rumours about being in a relationship and here the friend claims that Hrithik proposed Kangana, meaning the two were engaged! Shocker!

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