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ANGRY Sidharth Malhotra Asks KRK To Shut Up For His Nasty Talks About Alia Bhatt's Panty

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If all of you wondered how come there has been no Kamaal R Khan controversy offlate, then worry not, for he managed to create one!

Kamaal R Khan retweeted the latest Vogue India magazine cover on which Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra were featured in their beach wear, looking rather hot.


ANGRY Sidharth Malhotra Asks KRK To Shut Up For Talking About Alia Bhatt's Panty

Him retweeting the picture was not a problem, but his caption was, which read, "Alia looks so Bacchi in panty but still some people keep forcing her to wear it."

Yes, KRK just commented on Alia's panty and alleged beau, Sidharth Malhotra could not take it. Kapoor and Sons actor got super angry and asked him to shut up.

Sidharth tweeted, "Sir ! We also try very hard to tell u to shut up but u keep tweeting ! @kamaalrkhan." We all know, KRK is not the kind to take it silently, so he quicky responded, "Sir Ji @S1dharthM 130Cr ppl of India also try very hard to tell you to stop acting but you keep doing films to harass them."

IRRESISTIBLE! Alia Bhatt In BIKINI, Sidharth Malhotra TOPLESS On Vogue India Cover

The twitter war doesn't end here, for Sidharth Malhotra had an amazing comeback to KRK's tweet, he wrote, "I think u need English reading classes sir! ,as u didn't read and understand my previous tweet!"

Ha...Ha! Now that's a kickass reply, but KRK just had to get be the last to talk, so he wrote, "HAHAHAHAHA! Ok I will come to learn from you soon because you @S1dharthM are educated from Delhi idea institute."!

The fact that KRK tragetted his alleged love must have gotten the actor so angry that he had to ask this guy to shut up and he knows exactly how to do so!

Sidharth and KRK have worked with each other in Ek Villain, post which they had shared an cordial friendship but all that has gone downhill post KRK's nasty tweet about Alia Bhatt's panty.

Kudos to Sidharth for being the best boyfriend and standing up for his ladylove.

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