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MUST READ! Money That Bollywood Heroines Charge To Promote Their Movies Per Day!

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If you think Katrina Kaif's red head hairstyle which is worth 55 Lakhs for Fitoor is costly, then read on to know how costlier it is for the producers to use the same actresses for their movie promotions.

Please note: Male actors don't get paid to promote movies.

Katrina Kaif Charges Per Day

So for Bollywood actresses, promoting their own movie on television and other events has proved to be costly and is burning a hole in the producers pockets.

Katrina Kaif charges Rs. 1.5 Lakhs per day, and that amount includes for her make-up, hairstylist, driver and spot boy, each time she makes a television appearance on Comedy Night shows. Apart from 1.5 Lakhs a day, a seperate amount of 75,000 Rupees - 1 Lakh has to be kept aside for sourcing outfits for the day.

So Katrina Kaif, spends close to 2.5 Lakhs a day just to promote her own film.

Deepika Padukone, also charges the same amount as Katrina Kaif, and the funny part is that both Deepika and Katrina use the same hairstylist and sometimes clash with each other as the hairstylist is required at the same time.

Well TV channels can afford paying the actresses but what about individual producers? They bleed left right and centre when the actress' steps out for promotions.

Individual producers, have to meet the heroines demands and pay up for their hotel bills, outfits, make-up, hairstylist, spot boy, driver and even pay their manager during promotional events.

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Film-maker Mahesh Bhatt, calls this as a corrupt system which has to end.

"It's a free ride for them but the producer is bleeding himself dry in broad daylight. It's a corrupt system which is thriving and it has to end. Filmmaking has become an expensive proposition these days. Burdened with this surplus expenditure, how are we going to survive?"

Makesh Bhatt, finally sums it up as saying, "This won't last long".

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