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Shekhar Suman Lashes Out Against Shobhaa Dé, Says Gender Has Nothing To Do With Violence!

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Adhyayan Suman, had revealed how badly he was abused by Kangana Ranaut when the duo were in a relationship, and the shocking revelations made by Adhyayan Suman, has not gone down well with columnist Shobhaa Dé. She targeted Adhyayan in a article saying he should not have spoken out against the suffering, as women suffer from abuse too.

Shekhar Suman, has not taken the article lightly and has lashed out against columnist Shobhaa Dé for her sexist remarks, and says abuse is not defined by gender, and a person has all the rights to speak up against any form of abuse. Shekhar Suman, was quoted as saying,

Shekhar Suman Adhyayan Suman Shobhaa De

"I've always been an admirer of Shobhaa Dé's columns. She normally talks so much sense and she's so non-partisan in her comments. What has happened to her now? She has hit out at my son for speaking out about the trauma that he suffered when he was in the relationship with Kangana. Ms Dé thinks my son is being a cry baby for talking about how he was physically abused. But I think it takes a man a lot of guts to speak about being pushed around by a woman."

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Shekhar Suman, is also surprised on how Shobhaa Dé has turned out to be sexist in her comments and voiced an opinion against her logic by saying,

"She says men in the film industry frequently abuse and hit women. Does that make it wrong for my son to speak out against the violence he suffered? Gender has nothing to do with the violence suffered in a relationship. My wife Alka and I have seen our son go through the worst possible torture and trauma. We watched helplessly as his girlfriend took possession of his life and soul."

Adhyayan Suman, had spoken out about the physical, verbal and emotional abuse he suffered during his relationship with ex-girlfriend Kangana Ranaut.

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