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OMG! Read What Happened When Kareena Kapoor Told Saif Ali Khan About Kissing Arjun Kapoor

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We all know that Kareena Kapoor broke her no kissing policy for Ki And Ka. Recently, Kareena revealed how Saif Ali Khan reacted when she told him about her kissing scenes with Arjun Kapoor.

Talking about Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor told DNA, "I told Saif that that Arjun and I are playing husband and wife, so he was aware that there will be kissing scenes.''

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''In fact, he told me that as the film is about a husband and wife, I should not be stupid and put down restrictions. If you are doing the role and putting everything into it, then do it with complete faith and conviction and be true to your director," she said.

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Kareena Kapoor, also revealed why she decided to drop her no-smooch policy. "I think too much fuss is being made out of a non-issue. It's being a little silly to keep on about the kissing bit when there's much else to talk about. Everybody's talking so much about it that now I want to clear all doubts.''

The beautiful actress further added, ''When we make certain statements we may mean something but a few years later down the line, as we grow older, wiser and more mature, our mindset, views and outlook to life changes too.''

''So, if we said something then, we believed in it, today that has changed. When Saif and I got married there was a slight possessiveness and we decided let's not do some things on screen now that we are married and yes, kissing was one of them. That happens, I think, with most newly married couple, " Kareena Kapoor said.

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