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Mickey Virus Movie Review: A Treat For All Internet Keedas Out There!

Call it a crime or whatsoever, hacking is an art. And the masterminds or the so-called creators behind such high-profile robberies call themselves hackers, the big daddys of the world of cybercrime. For decades now, we have seen so much of movies having those hacking technology stuffs. After Hollywood, the internet keedas seems to have bitten our Bollywood filmmakers too, who are recently showing interest in the science fiction and tech genre. One such latest release is Saurabh Varma's Mickey Virus, that has debutants Manish Paul and Elli Avram in the leads.

We are not saying that Mickey Virus depicts the true motions of computer hacking, but this one is impressive in it's own way. Mickey Virus is certainly not all about light-hearted giggles and fun, it's a well-crafted, engaging thriller.


When the good for nothing yet street smart dude Mickey Arora (Manish Paul) gets hired by ACP Siddhanth (Chaudhari) for cracking cyber crime cases, little did the former know about the dangers awaiting him! Though Mickey isn't really keen on working with the cops, he's on the other hand, head over heels in love with Kamayani George (Elli Avram).

But, an innocent Mickey gradually gets trapped, after a murder takes place and he gets accused for the crime. Mickey goes on a run, but soon realises the actual game plan and the also learns about the real game planner. What's the game plan? and who get's murdered?

While the first hour tilts towards light moments, the drama, or the thrill in the tale, comes up in the post-interval portions. Mickey Virus boasts of an engaging content from the commencement to conclusion. Based on the interesting idea of hacking, Mickey Virus also has it's share of madness and vellagiri.


Debutant Manish Paul gets full marks for his performance in Mickey Virus. He is natural and promising. Elli Avram is nothing more than a plastic doll.

Varun Badola and Puja Gupta are exceptional. Their respective performances are just outstanding.


Mickey Virus manages a perfect balance of wit, homour and thrill. This one is effortlessly entertaining and a treat to all the young internet keedas of today's world.

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