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NH10 Movie Review: No Turning Back For Anushka Sharma After This

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NH10 starring Anushka Sharma has been a much awaited flick and the film has finally released. Directed by Navdeep Singh, NH10 features Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam and Darshan Kumar in lead roles and here is a first hand review of the film.

Anushka Sharma makes her debut as a producer with the movie NH10 and the film created much hype with the release of its trailer itself.

NH10 is based on the story of a couple played by Anushka Sharma (Meera) and Neil Bhoopalam (Arjun) who plan a romantic getaway outside the city. However, the pleasant journey turns into a nightmare for the couple as they come across a gang of criminals and then starts a bloody fight for survival. To know whether the couple managed to escape from the hands of the criminals or they become victim to the brutality, you have to watch the film.

Anushka Sharma's NH10 presents the actress in a never-seen-before avatar and the thrilling story makes the film a good watch. The movie includes all the necessary elements of a good entertainer including, romance, thrill, action and a good plot. Initial part of NH10 shows some cute and adorable romance between Anushka and Neil while, the film soon turns into a thriller in the latter stage. The film shows much violence and a lot of cuss words are used which is justified as you can't expect professional goons to behave like the guys-next-door and it gives a realistic touch to the film.

Although, there is nothing much to criticise the film upon, some of the twists in the film seem to be too easy and convenient.

To talk about the performance of the stars, this is certainly one of the toughest roles played by Anushka Sharma and the actress definitely did a commendable job. Anushka appeared very sweet and charming as the wife and at the same time she performed the action scenes with much realism. Neil Bhoopalam did not have much to offer as compared to Anushka but the actor did all justice to his role. Darshan Kumar who was seen as a sweet and understanding hubby in Mary Kom, is impressive as a baddie too. In one line, all the stars of NH10 gave wonderful performances and the director brought out the best in them.

In a nutshell, Navdeep Singh's NH10 starring Anushka Sharma is a must watch if you like romance, thrill, action and good story, mixed in one single film.

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Anushka Sharma Smoking

Anushka Sharma as Meera smoking in a scene in the film.

Anushka Sharma-Neil Bhoopalam

A scene in which the goons shoot a hostage in front of the couple.

Darshan Kumar As Villain

Darshan Kumar plays the role of a goon for whom there is no value for a human life.

Injured Anushka And Neil

Neil gets injured and Anushka helping him to keep moving.

Anushka-Neil's Kiss

A beautiful kiss between Anushka and Neil before they plan the trip.

Anushka With A Rod

Anushka Sharma walking through a lonely passage all alone with a rod, trying to safeguard herself.

Anushka Sharma

This is one of the best performances of Anushka till date.

Anushka-Neil's Romance

The couple are seen as a happy modern pair who love to pamper each other.

The Trip

And the trip begins which soon turns into a nightmare.

Seeking Help

Anushka trying to get some help as her husband lying injured on the ground.

Darshan Kumar

Darshan Kumar wears the look of a merciless criminal who can kill anyone for the slightest reason or sometimes without any reason.

Terror On The Road

Darshan Kumar threatens to kill Neil while, Anushka pleads before him to spare them.


NH10 happens to be the first production of Anushka and it seems the actress nailed it on the first time.

Injured Anushka

Injured and traumatised Anushka walking without any hope to survive.

Anushka Sharma As Meera

Anushka Sharma steals the show with her power-pact performance.

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