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Sultan Movie Review: It's Eid With Your 'Khaandaan' And The 440 Volt Salman Khan!

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Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Yash Raj Films & Eid release.. It can't get any bigger, right? Salman Khan starrer Sultan has been continuously in tremendous buzz owing to his 'raped woman' remark. There is no doubt that it was an unfortunate incident but we can't ignore the fact that the ongoing controversy automatically promoted Salman's film without an extra effort.

Coming to the film, Sultan, it is basically a sports based film but with a pinch of all factors of 'paisa-vasool' entertainment i.e, romance, songs, power-packed dialogues & action!

So gear up to get the answers to all your questions; How is the film? Is it worth watching or not? Does Salman deliver his career best performance?

Below Are The 20 Stills Of Salman & Anushka From Sultan:


Director: Ali Abbas Zafar,

Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh


Coming to the plot, the movie is all about a wrestler Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan).
His only dream is to get a gold medal for India in Wrestling at Olympics, so that he can woo the love of her life Aarfa (Anushka Sharma), who also happens to be a female wrestler representing Haryana..

As the duo shares the same passion for wrestling, the love is meant to happen between them. Very soon, Sultan's dream of representing India in Olympics turns true but soon after tasting the success, stardom gets to his head that ultimately leads to his destruction.

In between, Aarfa, as a true partner keeps warning Sultan, but all her efforts go vain and one unfortunate incident makes the couple part ways. To know what's that, you need to watch the film..

The heartbroken Sultan then gets himself involved in things that entirely ruin his wrestling career and he starts losing the passion for wrestling! However, after a point of time, he realizes the importance of wrestling in his life and how he gets back to wrestling forms the crux of the story.

Now, to know whether he will succeed in fighting the demons inside him and will he be able to win the gold medal for India or not, you have to rush to the theatres near you!


Coming to the performances of the film, Salman Khan did a good job with this role of a wrestler. With this film, Salman will surely take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. There are a few scenes, where he will make you giggle with his witty one-liners, while in other scenes, you might find yourself sobbing along with him.

The second half of the film is totally dedicated to the hardwork of Salman Khan. Those training sequences of Sultan, in which Randeep trains Salman, will not let your eyes blink for even a second. And in those training scenes, not Salman but Randeep steals the show.

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As far as Salman's 'Haryanvi' is concerned, he tried his best to speak the accent fluently but falls flat. Comparatively, Anushka's 'Haryanvi' is on point.

On the other side, Anushka has made her presence felt on the screen. Her small yet pivotal role is on point and we are glad the actress made no mistake in wooing us with her wrestling moves. She takes a five out of five!

Randeep Hooda and Amit Sadh, even with a small screen space, deliver exceptionally good performances.


Coming to the direction of the film, Ali Abbas Zafar has done a good job but that can't take away the fact that the movie has a lot of plotholes and some sequences did look over-dramatic!

The music of the film is also above average and two songs including 'Sultan' title track and 'Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai' let the audience tap their feet while watching the film.

As Sultan is a sports-drama film and it stars the Bhaijaan, the dialogues are written according to Salman's personality. But overall, it gets a thumbs up from his fans.

The fight sequences are spot on and have been exceptionally well choreographed throughout the movie.


Well, it's a Salman Khan movie after all. And there is no denying that he left no stones unturned to make the film worth watching!

PS: Eid & Salman is indeed a tempting combination!

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