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Jessica Alba - you cant get enough of her

Jessica Alba From among an increasing number of young Hollywood actresses that were making their debut in the past few years, only a few have really made an indelible mark with their films. Most of them have made news with controversies coupled with controversies. At the same time, the others have made an attempt and have been successful at making themselves noticed with some real serious acting.

The sultry Jessica Alba was born on the 28th of April 1981 in Pomona, California. After shifting locations a number of times, the family finally settled down in southern California. The dream of becoming an actress took over her by the time she was only five. It was almost years later that she would start at making that dream come true.

She took acting classes when she was 12. 12 months into her acting classes, an agent signed her. Her first appearance one the big screen in credible role was in the 1994 film Camp Nowhere. She was initially called on the set for a fortnight but the job turned out to be a two-month gig because the lead actresses in the film dropped out.

In the same year she did two commercials for Nintendo and JC Penny before taking up television roles. Her first television role was that of a character of her name in the The Secret World Of Alex Mack on Nickelodeon. She next got the role of Maya in the Flipper, the TV series. She got the role because of her swimming abilities thanks to her mother who was a lifeguard.

Roles that followed were those of Melissa Hauer in crime drama Brooklyn South, Leanne in Beverly Hills 90210 and Layla in The Love Boat: The Next Wave. She returned to films for a while when she did P.U.N.K.S in which she acted with Dennis Quaid. By this time, she finished her schooling and joined Atlantic Theater Company where she learned acting under the aegis of acting couple William H Macy and wife Felicity Huffman.

Her roles gained prominence like her career. She further went to act in the Drew Barrymore comedy Never Been Kissed and Idle Hands with Devon Sawa as a costar. She got her biggest break yet with the lead role in the Fox Sci-fi series Dark Angel. It ran for two seasons before it was cancelled. Then on her career was in boom. She acted in Honey as a dancer-choreographer who taught dance to street children, exotic Nancy Callahan in Sin City and Invisible Woman aka Sue Storm in the first two installments of the Fantastic Four series. Of all these, she has been most noticed for Into The Blue in which she acted opposite Paul Walker.

After making waves in the movies scenes she started making waves elsewhere, she hosted the 2006 MTV Movie Awards with comedian Jack Black. She was featured in Playboy. She sued the magazine for the nude pictorial of her from her upcoming film Into The Blue, which they used without her permission. Hugh Hefner apologized and made donations to two charities that the actress supported.

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