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  • shashi 4 years ago

    Dear Sir,m happy 2 share dat m a sincere fan of u.Ur moral thoughts and humbleness towards the public interest especially abt ur fight against farmer's land issues are really appreciable.v do strongly believe dat ur urge and strong intense abt dis issue u r marking is most substantial.Ur force and challenging nature on moral views r most in need in dese days like in our state.Sir don get distract urself for any comments r any kind.

  • zahir 6 years ago

    sir,I think you not liking yediruppa and whole lingayath community.As your recent film "Kallare santhe"show cases that your interested in gossip but not in truth,My suggestion to you is plz dont make films based on gossips script.Try to understand the ethical value as a presspersonand director.One more thing i am an orthodox muslism but i like all religions,I am attracted to the values of swami vivekanandas statement"any religion should be a better one rather destroying." As india is a hindu majority nation plz be an true hindhu.I hope in future you will do good movies related to social problems.

  • ramanjaneya-dm 6 years ago

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  • abdul-rk 7 years ago

    Bravo!!!! great job, you are doing a very good job by opposing the sri rama sene self proclaimed moral policing. God bless u.. see u on 14th feb at cubbon park...

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