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Aishwarya Dhanush

1981 (Age 33)


Aishwarya Dhanush (born Aishwarya Rajinikanth) is the wife of Indian film actor Dhanush.Their marriage took place on 18 Nov 2004 .Their son Yathra was born on 10 October 2006....
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  • abi 3 years ago

    hai dhanush how r u

  • sahul 3 years ago

    Hey you looks like DRAGULAAAAA Wat a terrible horror face mudiala.......

  • kaushi 3 years ago

    you'r first diretion 3 movie great.. congratulation..!

  • shyam 3 years ago

    hi aishwarya dhanush you are so older than dhanush but you fake your date of birth small jumpin.... wat a idiot movie you proved you are a semi director please dont damage my hero dhanush name please di mental......y are you kolaveri on dhanush you are taking like a blue flim with shrutihasan you are not a wife you are a mama mama mama mama mama.;...............

  • ananya-r 3 years ago

    who are u?i have nvr seen u!

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