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Older brother of famous comedy director David Dhawan. His son is actor Siddharth Dhawan. Personal Quotes: On his adoration of actress/director Asha Parekh who directed him...
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  • suman 2 years ago

    I liked the movie piya ka ghar pyara lage, Anil dhawn is looking so handsome

  • neesha 3 years ago

    Anil Dhawan , though he was a good artiste , he was really an underrated actor of his times, very good looking and suave. Liked the his role of a bad boy image turned good in Hawas, with Neetu Singh .

  • anju 4 years ago

    I like youre movies Anndatta and piya ka ghar, u were so Handsome

  • sunita 4 years ago

    dear sir, I watch your movie on last tuesday chatna .which was so much emotional and touched my heart and acting was so much nice in it . god bless you

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