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Maria Ashitha Crasta (born 3 October 1984) is an Indian model and actress. Early life and education The daughter of Lovis and Jennifer Crasta of Taccode, she was born in...
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  • h-n-venkatesh 2 years ago

    Hai Ashita iam a big fan of you . I see all your serial. you look very cute pls add saree photo in your facebook you look good in saree

  • godwin-dmello 2 years ago

    cant beliv it ashita.. u have acted so vulgar is it. i know u. im from hassan. we have met once. have seen a few films of yours. but u were descent kind in them. im surprised seeing these photos.. films really change our culture. u shouldnt be exposing so much for fame.. films come and go, but girl, it is only the respect remains for always. being a catholic, u should know that our body is holy. we must respect it. some parts of body are kept for our partner. making it a public, is dirty. im speakin about the white colour skirt & top photo. dont continue it. u r pretty. but dont cross the limit for opportunity. i think so that u r married. take out these photos and live a respectful life with ur husband.. may got bless u.

  • ramitha 2 years ago

    ashita post some descent photos... these photos are very dirty... it is not of heroin standaard... it is of item song girls range.. delete it.. u look vulgar in these photos. over exposing. in films u have not exposed so much na? then y have exposed so much here?

  • sunidhi 2 years ago

    y have u become so fat ashitha..? u look like drum. tat too in sarees, u look the WORST.. never seen a gal lookin so bad in sarees like u. upon that, u wear open blouses for that.. ur extra pounds r clearly seen... dont u have anybody at home restricting from ur dirty acts.? if u had anybody, y wud they leav u smooch (heroes) in movies. my advice, pls wear descent closthes which suits u.

  • ramya 3 years ago

    what ashitha u have become so fat. my tv is not able to cover ur complete body... start dieting..

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