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Atif Aslam

12 Mar 1983 (Age 31)


Atif Aslam (Urdu: عاطف اسلم, born Mohammad Atif Aslam) is a Pakistani pop singer. He was born in Wazirabad  and educated in Lahore and Rawalpindi. He is widely...
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  • shaheed 3 months ago

    happy birthday my rocking bro

  • RoXen salman a year ago

    Hello sir i love u <3 plz kab ao na peshawar

  • puja-aggarwal 2 years ago

    Hello sir, I like or voice a lot, I cannot explain in words. I love all us songs. Us voice is like a miracle which directly touches my heart. I get so much confidence and motivation by listening ur songs. I hope I can meet u once in my life. God bless you. U r the only one person whom I love a lot, can do anything for u.

  • nayan-rajgor 2 years ago

    dear atif sir i m ur big fan. even i like to sing and i sing well. can u help me making a singer? i know that my expectation is odd but then too...

  • bharatsih-barad 2 years ago

    Me too yar big fan of atif

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