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  • aswin 5 years ago

    ...christian brothers..,superr keep on going sir ...

  • vgs 5 years ago

    It is a crime to create such terrible movie after producing movies like Paleri manikkyam etc..

  • natasha-george 5 years ago

    @ Anoosha, Sunoj and Anita... Is your whole family out to write crap about ppl ? And how far back does ancestrally rich go ? In that case, in Kerala, only the royal families and the Namboothiris (who haven't as yet managed to lose everything!!!) can claim to be ancestrally rich!!! And Anita... if you worthy of getting married to Nick, I mean Emmanuel Babu, then I think Lanchana is more than worthy of marrying Vivek.. so all 3 of you had better shut up and mind ur own business !!!

  • anitha-george 5 years ago

    I just can't believe that how elite groupvivek venugopal got trapped by marring his daughter lanchana !!He would have got a bettr girl than her!!!Just can't imagine !!

  • sunoj-kurien 5 years ago

    We all are ancesterially rich..,this fellow shows off as he is rich cheating his father-in-law Dr.V.P.Sidhan & Brother-in-Law V.S.Pradeep.People should kick this cheater instead of calling & honouring him.Feeling really ashamed of you..& you open a fan club also.

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