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Ayub Khan is an Indian actor. He is the son of Nasir Khan and Begum Para. His father is the brother of actor Dilip Kumar. His mother was the sister of Amrita Singh's mother...
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  • asmitathakur 3 years ago

    hi how are you? i am very big fan of you. you are so handsome,cool,dashing

  • xyz 5 years ago

    Can u post ur birth date please?I want to send birthday wish to u every year as Iam a fan of u after ur performance in UTTARAN.

  • noor 5 years ago

    I love Salaami......loved u in that movie.....u r damn handsome :)

  • kathan 6 years ago

    I love you MR. Ayub Khan and your bigest fan also you rook as jogi takur in uttran. Give your rasponse at

  • brijesh-kumar-from-lucknow 6 years ago

    I loved salaami. I am your biggest fan. Wish you a long life and bright future.

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