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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter known mononymously as Beyoncé, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she performed in...
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  • kinnard 7 years ago

    Beyonce, get a grip, You are showing no class just by the fact you are suggesting because Janet came from a different background the her family is a lower class of people than your family. A Jaguar does not represent a person or their soul. Just because you are of a mixed race with a big fat butt does not make you better than anyone else on earth. Everyone is the same, some just have more than others. Janet might not have had the finer things in life like you at an early age, but at least she has more class and is not dissing you and your shake a big booty, hoochie mama white girl want to be life style. Like you left your home girls (Destiny Child friends)alone,leave Janet alone. Remember, your new music is not all that, and you will never reach the status of great singers like Mary J. Blidge, Tina, Diana Ross, etc. they did not have to shake they booty to make music, they have great voices, messages and talent. Good luck in life and stay with you white heritage.

  • mena-charii 7 years ago

    Beyonce please, I thought that you had more class. Get your mouth wired shut after that remark. Even if true, it was distasteful and uncalled for. I hope this does'nt mean that the stories we have all heard about you and Destiny Child are true. If so I will be the first to unsuscribe as your fan. Good girl gone bad? Don't mess with the Jacksons. Please, humble your mouth.

  • lawrencia 7 years ago

    i think alexandra should be much proud of her self cos she never gae up on her dreams and finally xfactor has made her dreams come true.i wish her good luck with the money she won.and i am really happy for her.

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