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Muktha Elsa George aka Bhanu (In Kollywood) is an upcoming South Indian actress hailing from Kerala. She started her career as a TV serial artist and then switched on to film...
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  • satya-prakash 2 years ago

    hi,Bhanu you are looking so beautiful.traditional roles especially like bharani movie in, telugu suits you.I am a great fan of you.I LOVE YOU bhanu

  • sundaram 3 years ago

    banu really beautiful and lovely girl but unfortunately tamil film industry is not properly utilising her in movies but i like and love her

  • kalidasan 3 years ago

    bhanu is my favourite actress in tamil movie i love so much bhanu

  • nimi-renold 3 years ago

    Hi, Ur acting is good n u look beautiful.....plz select movies like thamarabarani traditional rolls suits u very much for family subjects all the best for future projects byeeeeeeeee.....

  • avinash 4 years ago

    all the best wish u reach greater heights in future.....

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