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  • mohanjj 3 years ago

    cini field waiting for u than great future waiting u dont miss it.god bless u my mapu.

  • fizeen 5 years ago

    I am a great fan of you Bharani...Kallori you showed you have good sense of humor later in Nadodigal movie you gave humor as well as serious performance especially at the climax :-)( "Avangala konnuduvom da")...Super appu...No matter how your movies go..I always love to watch your performance and i will be your fan forever.All the best ...

  • vimalini 5 years ago

    i saw tou in the film kalluri where iwas a fan of you and now you rock in the nadodigal have a good future

  • nandi 5 years ago

    when i saw the film at first time i feel for you because who really deserve it what a charater in that film you do anything for your friends and i saw that film 7 times because of you and sasikumar i pray god for your bright carrer in film industry.best wishes and we love you very much we are with you

  • kott 5 years ago

    you look simple like our friend and we are your fan soon you will be a good star best of luck

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