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After a couple of hit films in Calcutta like 'Mayamrigo' (1960) and 'Dui Bhai' (1961), Biswajit went to Bombay. In 1962, he catapulted to fame with his superhit film, Bees Saal...
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  • a-bongosantaan 5 years ago

    Still I see Joy Mukherjee's picture....can't believe how careless and indifferent can a fool be to continue like this... *** One year ago this mistake was reported.

  • gumansingh-bhandari 6 years ago

    even after many comments for the wrong deeds why is not the mistakes not corrected? wonderful, do the concerned waiting for a sue.

  • lopa 6 years ago

    disheartened to see such a mistake not corrected! picture is not of Biswajeet . the picture is of Joy Mukherjee. how can you do that ???????????/

  • kanji-patel 6 years ago

    PICTURE YOU SHOW IS NOT OF ACTOR BISWAJEET. IT IS OF JOY MUKHERJEE - another all time greatof the golden era of 60's.

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