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  • hi didi i am big fan of u 10 months ago

    hi didi i"am big fan of u when i watch coffe bar movie of urs

  • celestine 4 years ago

    Hi Biyanka since the day i watched your movie sanchari , i felt am a great fan of you. u looked hot as well keep it up hope your up coming movies does well in box office .

  • sweet-heart 5 years ago

    i love you mala

  • avi 5 years ago

    i feel great full to have KINGDOM QUEEN Biyanka Desai in the film industry

  • avi 5 years ago

    Biyanka Desai i wish that i can see new BIYANKA DESAI'S movie every 2week ur a impressive actress my special thank to movie industry for introducing a Beautifull actress for the industry

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