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Brad Pitt

18 Dec 1963 (Age 51)


Birth Name : William Bradley Pitt William Bradley "Brad" Pitt is an American actor and film producer, who first achieved stardom in several successful films in the...
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  • cyndrella 6 years ago

    Mr. Brad Pitt, I wish you many many happy returns of the Day. May you Live long And God will shower all His blessings upon you.Hatts off to you......... My dream boy.......

  • elvanaylli 6 years ago

    hi brad i like you.youre so sexy.i want to chat with you

  • intisar 6 years ago

    hey happy b-day in advance wish u many many happy returns i'm a great fan take care of angie.

  • arpith 6 years ago

    Wow Brad Pitt. He was awesome in Troy. He portrayed the character of Achilles well.

  • anonymous-person 7 years ago

    After over a decade in the spotlight and not complaining about the paparazzi, stupidly brad Pitt seems to think that the government should drop everything and frame laws about the press. What an idiot, does he think he is os important that the government should care about him?

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