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Cedric The Entertainer

24 Apr 1964 (Age 50)


Cedric Antonio Kyles, best known by his stage name, Cedric the Entertainer, is an American actor and comedian. He is perhaps best known as the co-star of the WB sitcom The Steve...
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  • berkeley-cat 6 years ago

    Cedric, I see you are making it to KC. Hey you need to hook up one of you bro's from the the high school wit some back stage passes. Coach Williams said that you should mention your old High school and Football team sometime i know you did not play much but damn!

  • ruthea-lilly-aka-ms-pooh 6 years ago

    Ced I'm so sad that I can't see u on Oct. 30 that day is my 35th birthday I booked a birthday party at Chuck's Alibi. Now u coming to philly and its on my b-day.I would love to see u on that day since I can't win a bag with Steve Harvey show at least I can see for 5 minutes that would really make my b-day special but I know ur a busy man and important people to see. I hope u come back to philly and able to see your show.

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