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  • rangarajan 3 years ago

    your judgements in super singer 7 are not upto the mark, please give proper judgements.

  • madhava-rao 3 years ago

    your judgments in super singer 7 are not qualitative. When the original song singer herself expressing faults, eventhen you have given marks 100, it clearly shows that you are one side person not a judge. It is shameful on your part.

  • ranibeer-sing 3 years ago

    your judgments in super singer 7 is tottaly partiality and against to sunitha. Intentionally you are giving marks against to sunitha. It is not judgment. It is one type of cunning nature. being a good lyricist, you are not supposed to give judgments like. Please maintain the quality if it is not possible better to leave the judgment seat.

  • mahesh-naidu 4 years ago

    your lyrics are awesome sir

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