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Clint Eastwood

31 May 1930 (Age 84)


Clinton "Clint" Eastwood, Jr. is an American actor, film director, film producer and composer. He has received five Academy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, a Screen...
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  • dave-hall 6 years ago

    ive been told that they have stopped putting out RAWHIDE dvds after season 3. since a love rawhide so much, i cant understand this. ive allready bought all the ones that are available. im 39 yrs old, but i love rawhide. id buy them all if theyd put the remaining seasons out. i know of alot alot alot of people waiting to get the remaing ones if the dvd companies would just see that there is a great demand for them. maybe mr. eastwood could throw his weight in to the bigwigs, and get them to resume putting out the rest of the complete seasons. everything eastwood does is great, but rawhide and josie wells will remain close to my heart. please help us rwhide fans out mr. eastwood and get those jaspers to complete our rawhide collections. PLEASE!

  • chris 6 years ago

    In space cowboys why did Tommy lee Jones have to commit suicide to send the russian missles to outer space, when they could remote launch from the shuttle.?!?!? Lame ruined the movie. any answers.?

  • michael 6 years ago

    Just wanted to say thank you for the many years of hard work and know I grew up watching your efforts and (still do). Got in trouble with my wife last night for insisting on watching Gran Torino twice "back to back", I'll take the heat though!! I spent 39 years of my life living in San Bruno, California. I assume by your Bio you know where this is....Ok getting too wordy. Please know that this is the only fan letter I am likey to ever write in my lifetime and know yor very existence and hard work has enriched mine on a level I fail to find words for...Respectfully, Michael

  • stephanie-feinberg 6 years ago

    My sister Harriet has been a fan of your since the beginning of your career. She idolizes you. She now has cancer and is close to death. I was wondering if you could write to her and tell her you greatly appreciate her loyalty and wish her the best. I'm sure the letter would lift her spirits. Thank youl

  • primitivo-gutierrez 6 years ago

    just want to say thank you for being the good person you are.

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