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Daniel Radcliffe

23 Jul 1989 (Age 25)


Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is an English actor, best known for playing Harry Potter in the feature film series based on the popular book series. Radcliffe has also made appearances...
  • popz 2 years ago

    Hi!! Danny come back to potter movies ,ur fans r wating for u,n dnt thnk alot JUST COME!!! in potter's avatar we miss u harry with hope that u will come.

  • sylvanus-thomas 2 years ago

    i wish this birthday gave you more success and blockbuster movie...

  • alfred-radcliffe 2 years ago

    Hi Daddy bro i know you thnk it why i call you daddy bro btw i dont have parents bt you r my best parents. nd it's me ur LIL missing you try to come soon to london m in paris

  • sabreen 2 years ago

    i love you daniel and emma and rupert plz meet me i love you the biggest fan in the whole world i like you in harry potter and the goblet of fire love you and emma too

  • shubham-aniket 2 years ago

    Daniel i like your movies and i am big fan of you plz meet me

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