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David Kross

04 Jul 1990 (Age 25)


David Kross is a German actor. Life and career Kross was born in Henstedt-Ulzburg, 20 miles north of Hamburg, Germany. His first movie was Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge also known...
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  • lorena-cerrini 6 years ago

    great actor, he was great in the reader, i also bought the movie and i cry every time i see it. He acts wonderfully and so does Winslet and the main male actor. i read david did not know english at the time the movie was shot and he had to learn it for the movie, we should certainly give him his dues for it.

  • jeciel85 6 years ago

    David kross is a very good actor

  • chanelspangler 6 years ago

    hey! i'm a fan of david kross.. i bought the movie the reader and i cried at it! ever since then, i've been a fan of him.. watch out.. we have raw talent coming all the way!!!!

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