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  • gina 3 years ago

    David, Have you read the Lee Child series of books with "Reacher" as the protagonist? If not, you really should. You are sooooo him. I have heard that there will be movies made from this series and that they are considering Tom Cruise for the part. Are they serious? Reacher is 6'5"' blonde and blue eyed. Sound like someone you and I know? He is intelligent, calm and calculating. Again, sound like someone you and I know? I don't know who helps you find your roles, but they should be on top of this one and pushing for you for the role. You are a fantastic actor who has really honed the craft. We loved you in the TV series Hack. Seriously hope you get this role, and if not, we will continue to watch for you. Wish Hollywood would recognize their "Real" artists. Two of your most loyal fans, Don and Gina.

  • simon 6 years ago

    I've been an admirer of David Morses acting since St Elsewhere! I find myself utterly captivated by an actor, whose screen presence, is one of such utter calmness and togetherness! I am sure, that in real life, he is different? I can only say, (from what I see), if his real life is like his on-screen personas, then the world would be a nicer place to live in! I don't mean this is any gay sort of way! I just like the guy and his acting!