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27 Jan 1977 (Age 38)


  Deepshika (alternative spellings: Deepshikha or Deep Shikha) is an Indian bollywood actress born on January 27, 1977. Among other movies, she has had roles in movies...
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  • sammy 3 years ago

    u r my girl

  • vikas-yadav 3 years ago

    she is very sexy,i like u,i want to meet u

  • ronil-prasad 3 years ago

    you look so beautiful i love your movies yaar

  • rithivk 4 years ago


  • manish 4 years ago

    Hi deepshika i am fan of you & ur lips i just love ur lips.... actual i like to say that if i gt chance then definetlly i will smooch you,, and u r hot too... its my badluck i cant see u on screen regulerly thats why i seen badshah 30 times.... i love u & ur lips

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