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  • blinky 6 years ago

    One of my best friends saw him drunk at a bad recently. Sad because he has two very young children :-(

  • kyle-quaid-is-god 6 years ago

    Dennis Quaid was removed from the bible because the writers feared that he would outshine Jesus.

  • kyle-quaid-is-god 6 years ago

    Children of other actors wish Dennis Quaid was their Dad. In the time it took to post this comment, he banked on two more movies and got a deal with a subsidiairy of general mills on his new cereal Quaid'os. I anxiously await a balanced breakfast with Quaido's! and lunch... and dinner...... also snacks...

  • quaid-is-god 6 years ago


  • greg-aka-the-quaidanater 6 years ago

    i love dennis quaid more than life itself.... if i was a female i would have his babies

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