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Deva Kaushik Katta is an Indian-born American-resident filmmaker who debuted as a successful writer/director on the big screen with the feature film Vennela (Telugu). Deva...
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  • polsani-shreyas-rao 4 years ago

    am aspiring to become a director..truely sir prasthanam is best mvie i have ever watched..especially in telugu..it has got an excellent script..n wow to d dialogues..they r truly awesome..which has a meaning as well as strength in dem...the mvie was cast wonderfuly...its a must watch film..i hav watched it 9 tyms til nw..our industry needs directors like u sir..big fan of urs...

  • sreedhar-rayankula 4 years ago

    Prastanam is a very Good Movie. Devs Katta's direction and screen play is superb. We all telugu people feel very proud that you have done a pentastic job. Dialogues are meaningful and excellent. Wish you all the best for your next coming projects.

  • srikanth 4 years ago

    one of the best movies i hav watched is prasthanam and hats off to sharvanand and screenplay was damn good.

  • kiran 5 years ago

    we want the directers like u who have social awareness

  • babaprasad 5 years ago

    The best movie which i have seen in the recent past is prasthanam. You did a spectacular job, that was really good and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I wish you a very good luck for your next venture.

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