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  • vijay-jejurkar 3 years ago

    Hope u enjoyed time in Shirdi with the darshan and the Kakad Aarti Regards, Vijay

  • nandeesh 3 years ago

    sir please upload huliya film songs. please please, please

  • prashant 3 years ago

    I am also fan of mr! devraj

  • shashi 4 years ago

    Sir, i do frankly so pleasured to ve an actor like you in our kannada that we cant make any comparission from your acting with any other regional lang, that you stands always uniqueness in ur way of acting style n ur best performances in most of best story lined corp or emotional dramatic movies.a small request esp for you dat, oly u could give a best justice in hong kong movies like 'The killer', hard boiled, which suits you best appearance on the screen

  • dharmesh 4 years ago

    Golibar is one the best films of Devraj. I want to buy DVD/VCD. But it is out of stock. I have been searching this film's DVD for past 2 years.

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