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  • nmraj 2 years ago

    I watch the song pothigai malai utchiyele from thiruvilayal movie. Her acting of that song is too nice and she looks like a angel.

  • rao-ms 2 years ago

    Devika will be remembered for her talent in many movies. One such great movi is "Daksha Yagnam" where she played the role of UMA (Sati) wonderfully.

  • venkateswaran-t-r 2 years ago

    I thought I was very fond of Devika's acting. I am happy to note there are more like me. Devika is the only actress whose face was shown in close-up by all the photographers. She was the most beautiful faced actress in Indian Cinema. If you see the movie "Neelavanam", you will cry for her in each and every frame

  • venkateswaran-t-r 2 years ago

    It is good to see so many like minded persons. Devika was the only actress who was the delight of the photographers of Indian Cinema. They love to show her very close up. She was so natural in acting. You can control yourself from crying if you see the movie "Neelavanam" and "Nenjil Ore Aalayam"

  • m-kumar 3 years ago

    Devika in "Karnan' is superb. She looks like a folwer in Mirror

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