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  • maria 4 years ago

    i looooovve devon bostick he sooooooooooohoooooottt omg i would thank his parents if i ever meet them he is thee beeessst actor ever because he can be mad in 1 movie and nice in the next im his #1 fan i love him he is soo hoooottt i devon sees this i love u devon

  • ariana 6 years ago

    hi. i\'m a fan of devon bostick. not a long time fan, but i do love his movies. well, i\'ve seen some, and half i would love to see such as adoration. watched the episode of his character\'s death last night from Being Erica. it was sad. anyways, love his acting skills and-even though i was told to think more mature- he\'s kinda cute(same age as him, but more mature would have to be ryan ross of panic at the disco).

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