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  • bhuvanyuvan 2 years ago

    thalaiva una adichika aalyae ila indian cinema la yaen world laye ila mass katra poooooooooooooo

  • rocky 3 years ago

    Talaiva...please palla katadinga.... neriya...peru...sethu poirekanga....please this is my humble request

  • sundar 3 years ago

    Hi, Anna your movie is not shown in any theaters in Mumbai. Your fans are eagerly waiting for your movie to be realesed in Mumbai. You have a very good acting sense. Kindly find a quick solution for your Mumbai Fans otherwise they will be disappointed. Waiting your reply.

  • guru 3 years ago

    I have a very good story Lightning star cnt me at guruprasad26@yahoo.in

  • salim 3 years ago

    hai power you are next super star in the world and you will releasing soon in 25th film in next pongal 2014 thank you

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