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Ekta Kapoor

07 Jun 1979 (Age 37)


Birth Name: Ekta Ravi Kapoor Daughter of 60s superstar Jeetendra. Sister of actor Tusshar Kapoor. Mostly known for her TV serials All the television serials and movies she...
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  • bablu a year ago

    This will be my last hi will be able to get together with you baby will be your bablu one

  • bablu a year ago

    I come not now..........I comes . ..not now

  • bablu a year ago

    Hi Ekta you brother still not in dil coming I am still moonlight city of next door bablu one

  • bablu a year ago

    Ekta kapoor you take a look like was not good answer so he and I sorry with sorry bablu one

  • bablu a year ago

    Ekta kapoor you take I we but don't if my mom I can kareena Kapoor do she takes to dad phone number of other stuff he doesn't have love Ekta Kapoor bablu one

  • lionel a year ago

    Hi Ekta just one doubt about KUM KUM Bhagya.Tanu and Nikhil had a one night stand on Valentines Day since Abhi did not spend time with her that fateful day.Now technically Tanu is pregnant for 13 months.How is that possible???Not only that she never developed a stomach during this whole period.Is this an enhanced 5 year plan sort of pregnancy?

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