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  • sherry-evans 3 years ago

    You wouldn't imagine that I would be your fan! I am a 56 year old afr amer woman who usually has no interest in a show like this. But I absolutely love your character!!! You are great and so convincing. Best of luck to you.

  • julie-cooper 5 years ago

    Gabriel, i saw your movie "Things Behind The Sun" and was so deeply affected by it, having to pause it several times just to get my breath. I was raped as alittle girl too, & it also damaged me. I could really relate to "Sherry" in the film and I was wondering if there's anyway I can write you a letter about it. I'm too old to make passess at you, I'd just like to write about how the film helped to give me my own breakthrough. My e-mail is , if you want to contact me. Thank you, Julie

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