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Gangai Amaran is a famous Music director, prolific Lyricist, Screenplay writer, Actor and Film director in film industry of Tamil[citation needed] and he is the brother of noted...
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  • siva-sivanandakumar 2 years ago

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  • t-laxman 5 years ago

    dear sir, we are your great fan and we would like to contact Ms.S.N.Indira who is the classmate of my wife PAdmini. They both studied in Gopalapuram girls high school,at Chennai.If you know contact details please send email to T.laxman

  • t-laxman 5 years ago

    Dear sir, we are your great fan and we would like to contact Ms.S.N.INdira who is class mate of my wife S.Padmini. They both studied in Gopalapuram Girls high school.If you know the details pleas e mail to L.Padmini

  • susi 5 years ago

    nama sentamillayae sollran iniya pirantha nall valthukal.neingalum valtusonavangaluku tamilar marabu padi virundu kodunga.virundu kodukatalum na keta kelviku venkat annava rply pana solunga plz....................my id

  • jayapratha 7 years ago

    I need gangai Amaren photos we have contacted star night show

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