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05 Jul 1975 (Age 40)


Gopinath (popularly known as Neeya Naana Gopinath). This is regarding a programme called Neeya Naana? ( You or Me?), a debate show in Vijay TV. Those people who are interested...
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  • Mrina a year ago

    Hello sir.. i've listed to many of your speeches in colleges. you've always talked about the contribution of the youth to the society. but can you please tell me how can women contribute (specific contributions) to the society. And please do come to many arts and science colleges. pls.

  • sundar a year ago

    Hello sir I do know but some how I like u very much at smiley face ennanna ethe solla varome athai neenga correcta pathivu panringa edgucated and un edgucated people also can understand ur simple way of talks iam not highly edgucated but itho neenga panra programme enakku romba pudichurukku. Sundarmilton@gmail.com

  • Swetha 2 years ago

    Hello... This is regarding the program on Caste held on 8th Dec 2013. One girl who spoke ( 'Caste is not a issue' )about her interest on getting married to a guy of other caste was disgusting. And your appreciation for that girl was worst. She was so selfish, and never minded about her parents, and there was no responsibility for the girl to mind her family. Such girls are a great threat for the community to whichever she belong bring a shame for her parents who brought her up this much years. I have been noticing your shows and see that you support girls for no reason. Be right and genuine to the job what you do and dont make anyone a fool.

  • priya 2 years ago

    hai i am your fan for a long time your book is so nice thanks for your inspiration and i like u very much u are so cute.

  • suresh-babu 2 years ago

    hai anna i need talk in ur program my maid.. sureshbb96@gmail.com thanks anna

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