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  • pratik 2 years ago

    Hello gowri i live in mumbai i don't watch any south indian movie but when i was watch namma basava movie i like ur acting then bunny,gandana mane,gopi all movies i realy like it ten im waiting for ur next movie.& all the best for ur next movie

  • prabhash 4 years ago

    a silent invitation in your sparkling eyes, desires message mirrored on your full lips the need and hunger is there unspoken your call loudly rings in my heart's ear yes my lover, yes my Gowri, my Gowri

  • prabhash 4 years ago

    You smile and look deep into my eyes, I see your need come pouring out to me You nuzzle close, and whispers in my ear, softly whispering words that I want to hear sweet lover there is something I must say something I need to take my breath away..

  • sri-rajarajeswari 5 years ago

    u are a very sweet girl . I like u and your movies very much. I always enjoy watching it.

  • rahul 6 years ago

    hi ur very sexy girl in the world

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