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Harman Baweja

1980 (Age 34)


Harman Baweja was born in 1980. His parents are famous director Harry Baweja and producer Pammi Baweja. His debut film in Bollywood was sci-fi Love Story 2050, which tanked in...
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  • silpa mohanta 10 months ago

    Hi handsome

  • Billy Fasanya a year ago

    Tnk u harman,i luv d decision ur trying 2 make.wish u an bips best of luck.frm Nigeria

  • sam fisher 2 years ago

    hi harman you are one of the most talented and goog looking handsome star and an awesome dancer of our country we miss u we want to see you more often in the big screen hope this time u will do it best of luck for future and keep dancing and smiling and very very happy birthday to you.

  • urwashi-arjun 2 years ago

    hi harman how are you you are so handsom my english is very poor please reply me i know you are not reply me.good night

  • shannon-fernandes 3 years ago

    ilove u harman &ur awesome actor

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