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Hema Malini

16 Oct 1948 (Age 67)


Birth Name: Hema Malini R. Chakravarty Nickname: Dream Girl Hema was born in the Tamil-speaking Chakravarthy household on October 16, 1948 in Ammankudi, Tamil Nadu. Her dad's...
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  • Simge 2 months ago

    I love her..i think she was the best actress in Bollywood of 70's and 80s.And of course most succesfull.I'm watching her songs and I like.She is very charming..She is always our Dreamgirl...

  • Simge 2 months ago

    Best actress...Most succesfull Bollywood actress.I love you Hema.You are forever our Dream Girl..

  • Dinesh Hassija 8 months ago

    She has proved that reinventing ourself had been the only mantra to keep ourself motivated/ satisfied...

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