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Holly Hunter

20 Mar 1958 (Age 56)


Holly P. Hunter is an Oscar-winning American actress. She is best known for films such as Raising Arizona, Broadcast News, Always and The Piano. She also stars in the cable...
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  • richard-chalmers 4 years ago

    Always like Holly Hunter as an acrtess. Her and Gordon MacDonalod came into my Art studio black goat folk art in East Dorset Vermont this summer just after one of our chickens got attacked by a hawk. It was chaos. I reconized who she was first by her voice. I went to get medicine and when I came back there was Mrs Hunter holding the chicken. My wife told me later that Holly just came over and help my wife.Her and Mr. MacDonald are really nice down to earth people. I have meet many artist, actors, sports fighure etc. who were nice peope but none as nice as these 2. They had bought 3 on my paintings in Manchester and then came to my studio and purchased 2 more. Mrs hunter even let me take a picture of her with my wife while she ( Mrs Hunter) held the chicken She even took one with me in front of my studio. Because of the chaos that day I didn`t get a chance to tell them that the Edger Allan Poe painting they bought was painted on an old cabinet door I purchased from a barn sale in Grand Ma Moses Home town and the Mule kick whiskey painting has real bullet holes in it. If anyone has contact with them, please let them know this. More to this after they left but not enought space for it here. Thank You Richard.

  • bob-chambers 4 years ago

    Great unique artist and a super person. Met her once.

  • meg 4 years ago

    I had never heard of Holly until I ran across Saving Grace (reruns as I don't watch much TV). I watched all three seasons in less than one month, I felt close to Grace. I watched it and felt a part of her...my life is very similar to Grace's. I cried when the last episode.....I know it;s just TV, but...Holly, if I thank you for this portrayal from the deepest part of my heart.

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