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Huccha Venkat is an Indian actor, director and producer. He acted in a self-directed and produced movie Huccha Venkat in 2014. During the first show of the movie, when only...
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  • Vishnu 11 months ago

    What is your opinion?Ur a no1hero Kannada

  • palaksha 2 years ago

    journalist take a revenge on huchha venkat for rehaman (bigbos contestant)..........

  • palaksha 2 years ago

    Huchha venkat is a good human being living in bad society(media people), they are using for there TRP, they are utilised him badly and thrown him like tissue paper media people won the game by took revenge against him for (there collegue Rehaman). thanks to all journalist friends.....best of luck

  • Krishna 2 years ago

    Huchha venkat is out of big boss better late than never. I feel pity for his ignorance and wrong perception of the world. He has so many dualities - He says he respects ladies but shouts at them and screams at them and terrorise them He says he respects culture but uses all filthy language always.... My appeal to the people who loves him is.. please love the genuine values in him not all his madness... He fails to understand other people and fails to understand the situation. He is very soon becomes abnormal from normal. This swap is quite often. He doesnt have the stability to control his anger and feelings. He is misfit to lead a social life.... the moment he gets popularity he bcomes more abnormal. Let him lead normal life. But good he left bigboss.... good for all

  • journalist 2 years ago

    superooooooooooooooo super nan magand....

  • journalist 2 years ago

    superooooooooooooo super nan magand....

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