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  • miss-lenny-m-brown-two-belly 3 years ago

    I would like you to know that i enjoy all of your movies up to this date. Please let me know where I can write to request an autgraph from your movie the losers and Prometheus. Thank you so much

  • patricia 4 years ago

    You remind me of a special friend from back in the days, keep up the good work. You are very real with your acting skills.

  • penney32 4 years ago

    He is the sexiest black man alive!

  • gail-clary 5 years ago

    I mean, I don't join fan clubs, write letters or none of that, BUT, I mean this brotha is fine. This is the the kinda brotha that .......... You know what I mean? Denzel, I love you. Blair I love you, but yaw gotta move over!!!!

  • michele-brown-sugar-watson 6 years ago

    I have never cared or wanted any actor no matter how good looking or well built they were because they only want women in acting or models but Idris Elba got me mezmerized.

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