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  • lea-p 5 years ago

    Hello JB im a huge fan i love all your films your my favourite actor !!! we had to choose an actor to write about in school for homework i chose you although im finding it very hard to find out more things about you xx

  • amy-mize 6 years ago

    Hello Jack!! I am a fifth grade teacher from Saltillo, MS. We study American History in fifth and we read several stories during a unit based on the American Revolution. Several of my students have commented on the fact that you look like Paul Revere and they are so correct. If you will look at that the painting called "Paul Revere" by John Singleton Copley, you will see the uncanny resemblance between the two of you. My students are so excited about the fact that I am posting this and they really hope you read it.

  • kyle 6 years ago

    Hey Jack Black!!! I was just wondering when the music video for "Tribute" came out? Before or After the Move "Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny" I was watching the music video for "Tribute" and I had noticed Ben Stiller walk past the screen. It seemed like he was clueless about the whole thing. As if he was actually shopping. But at the same time he wouldn't be in the video if he was actually shopping, because you would stop to talk to him for a while, then he would go home or something like that. And then he was in the Movie a couple years later. Which I found VERY coincidental, because the movie was made after the "Official Music Video" was made. I have no idea. But I would like this mystery to be solved. Thank you very much, --Kyle-- P.S. I loved "School of Rock"!!! That movie inspired me to become RockStar/Musician... Along With "Tenacious D"!!!

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