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  • vikki 12 months ago

    jacob varghese is not from telugu film industry,but from bangalore he is born and raised in bangalore and proud of making kannada films..

  • manjunath 5 years ago

    Expect you to direct a Shivraj kumar movie, which should attract all the audience in INDIA. If you want to know his ABILITY you can watch his JOGI and if you want to challenge someone you can watch his "OM". All the best for your future. Please uypdate your photo in WEBSITES. thank you

  • manjunath 5 years ago

    Hello Jacob, I dint know that you are from Telugu film industry... but we will accept you as a kannadiga,,,coz you made us proud by making a Superb ovis in our language. Request you to Settle in bangalore and make this kond of movis in our language. Its my challenge that you do not get this kond of actors in any language. Make use of PUNIT, SHIVRAJ and Sudeep in future in full extent.

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